Monday, October 30, 2006

What is the STYLEPRESS

The stylepress have at their source the presentation of creativity led by the editor’s/creator’s vision. They transcend the boundaries of traditional publications in four fundamental ways: through their physicality (format, materials, and packaging), unusual design, provocative and timeless content, and dedication to particular communities. They are part coffee-table book, part photography and art show, part object and part magazine. These are not the throwaway kind of periodical, but the one you keep exposed to draw the attention of your visitors, as a symbol of status and adherence to a particular social “tribe.”

Since at least the mid-1990s, this new wave of independent magazines has arisen with explosive force because of their low conception costs, due to affordable and accessible design software and a developed communications infrastructure essential for sharing and collaborating, and their growing acceptance as a respectable medium in which to showcase artistic ideas and experiment with concepts. Self Service and I Don’t Understand from France, Another Magazine and Kilimanjaro from the UK, Addict and Volume form The Netherlands, Werk from Singapore, Made from Canada, and North Drive Press and Gum from the US are just a few of the titles that have made and are making a mark in this category.
hi David, interesting Blog. Just a small note: ADDICT is not from the Netherlands, but from Belgium. Although I don't see any physical boundary on what we do. Today I'm setting up Addictlab in South Africa.

Keep up the good work!

Hi David. I wanna speak with you and your bloggers about "The magazine as an art form". This will be the title of my final thesis at Art and Design University in Venice.

I’m use to believe that today contemporary art has been taked cultural industry processes. Do you think that this could be also true in opposite? Make a magazine could be a sort of an art process? I mean.. in many cases of what you define stylepress (for ex.: LA MAS BELLA, SHIFT!, I DON'T UNDERSTAND, +ROSEBUD, THIS IS A MAGAZINE, UOVO, etc, etc.)

You know, small editorial group, limited editions, monothematic issue as art curatorship, no mainstream distribution, no journalists by trade as editors, artists as contributing, high sperimentation design in graphic and packaging.. etc. etc..

I take this definition from an interview by Greg Foley to COLORS, MCSWEENY'S, PURPLE and AMERICA in Tokion issue 56 (special on creativity), and, of course, in Jan Van Mol text that I red on your book.

Hope speak you soon.
Best from Italy.

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