Monday, November 19, 2007

Is anybody out there?

Every time the circulation numbers come out we get to enjoy every pundits analysis of what the figures really mean. What they really mean is that print is dying a slow death, quarter by quarter, year after year. Subs are down, newsstand is down, allocation of space at retail is down, # of locations are down. Should I go on? Paper prices are up, energy is rising, pricing throughout the system is wrong. Enough already?

Where are the great minds that rise to these occassions, that find a way to cut costs, intergrate print and digital, fix the distribution channel, and market the product as alive and viable?

Friday, November 16, 2007

when will the other shoe(s) drop?

The Source is in free fall, AMI has finally been able to make a payment on time, and what are we hearing? They're going to borrow another 1.2 billion to merge. Haven't the bank regulators learned anything? Speaking of regulators, where are the anti trust guys. They had no problem hounding the wholesale community for years about trading accounts. How minor and petty does that seem now when you're talking about Source, AMI and DSI all with the same management. Publisher, National Distributor, Marketing Company, RDA company, Rack Company, Front End Management. Ah for the good old days when Hachette tried to buy a wholesaler and Hudson gave them a whoopin!! Any comments on who benefits, who's losing and who's afraid?