Friday, October 12, 2007

What am I missing here?

Someone needs to comment on the recent article by Baird Davis. His duality is astounding. In the opening line he admits that because of the "lack of leadership by national distributors and publishers, the wholesale community has taken matters into their own hands."

In an industry that everyone has criticized for it's passiveness, Mr. Davis has come out and said that the magazine wholesalers are improving industry services, and that the publishers and national distributors are in "real danger" because of this.

Imagine that, a group of financially troubled companies taking steps to not only improve their own business models but also help the industry as a whole emerge from the morass of the last decade.

He goes on to say that the very same national distributor's and publishers should get together to stop the wholesalers from doing this.

I must confess that I'm not an industry pundit but neither am I a fool. What the wholesalers are doing is what is needed, and for what it's worth the publisher's and national distributors should not lament the changes but rush to embrace them.
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