Saturday, October 13, 2007

A world without National Distributors!

I'm sure the wholesale community would love to dump the ND's. There are two problems with that scenario. First is that most of the ND's act as a bank for the publishers in one form or another. I'm not quite sure if all the wholesalers are financially sound enough to take on that responsibility. Secondly, from what I can tell the WS are not technically advanced enough to function in an e-marketplace. There has been no recent investments in upgrading technology or personnel who are savvy enough for the new world we've entered. With that said, I do agree with the concept. As evident by all large global companies, extra layers in the supply chain are constantly being eliminated.

One idea would be to fund an organization such as Magnet to act as the portal for all business dealings between publishers, WS, and retailers. There could free exchange of ideas, suggestions and problems so that everyone is on the same page, and has the same access to information.

Unfortunately there are too many "Secret Deals" going on that prevents any type of cooperation. WHERE ARE THE LEADERS OF THIS INDUSTRY AND WHY ARE THEY SO SILENT???
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